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So Thrilled!

We have a 10-month-old Vizsla- Gary. Our trainer Michael was not only exceptional at what he does he made this experience far more smoothly than anticipated. We hadn’t been away from Gary ever so 2 weeks seemed like an eternity. Michael’s daily communication, commentary, video, and specific housekeeping (food, potty, weight) far exceeded our expectations. Thank you Off Leash K9 training. We are so thrilled with Gary’s new set of skills.

Thank you!


D Lienemann  // Verified Google Review

highly recommend to anyone!

We can’t say enough good things about Off Leash K9 Training. We brought our Border Collie in to get training on her aggressive behavior as well as her lack of listening to commands and her constant pulling during walks. From start to finish, the communication was great and we were amazed by the progress that she showed on the first day of her training! During her time away, our family looked forward to the nightly reports and videos. We brought her home today with renewed confidence in managing her behaviors. She has already been exposed to multiple distractions (other people, dogs, squirrels, cars, etc.) and handled them all very well! We would highly recommend Off Leash K9 training to anyone!


Brendan L.  // Verified Google Review

10/10 recommend a thousand times over!!

We sent our nearly 2-year-old & just turned 1 year old Great Danes, Posey & Loki off for the 2 week board and train program and their trainer was Michael. 

Posey went in as a highly cautious/skeptical/insecure/anxious girl. She didn’t like loud noises or even just new objects in our house. We couldn’t take her in the car, outside, or on walks, and she even had to be crated every single time we had guests.

Same with Loki – except he wasn’t anxious like her, he was just really stubborn & easily excited. When I say that by the end of day 1 both dogs were calm, collected, and appreciated their trainer’s guidance, I mean they were totally different dogs – by the end of DAY 1!! By the end of the two weeks, BOTH dogs are confident in themselves, confidently know & follow 5 commands. I am able to take them with me (off leash!!) on walks (throughout our neighborhood where there are other animals walking, & even on sidewalks near busy streets – something Posey would NEVER have done before), on car rides, and leave them out when company comes over.

They actually get to BE part of our family!! This is due, not only to Michael’s knowledge of how to train these animals but to his patience and care for them while he was with them. He did not simply train our dogs and send a report card nightly – he communicated with me anytime I reached out to him, and sometimes before I reached out to him he would text me just because he was really excited about a new skill they mastered! He treated my dogs like they were his while they were with him – celebrating every single org or small our family!!  And when we went to pick our dogs up, we got to witness firsthand Michael’s patience – with the dogs, and with us. Rather than rushing through the training with us, he took his time, answered every single question thoroughly, and didn’t move on to the next thing until we felt comfortable. Subsequently, now that we are home and experiencing Posey and Loki in their everyday environment, SO many questions I didn’t even think to ask at pick up are arising…and he has responded within minutes to every single question I’ve texted.

Off Leash K9 Training’s methods are superior; Michael is exceptional. He didn’t just teach our dogs to listen to commands; he taught us (my family and me) how to better understand our dogs – beyond any training/commands. We could not be happier! Our dogs are the same playful, loving, sweet, snuggly dogs they were before training – but now they are confident & WE know how to communicate with them so we are all happier. Our experience was exceptional. Far exceeded (by day 1!) any expectations we had. Would 10/10 recommend a thousand times over to anyone & everyone!!


Amanda M.   // Verified Google Review

the dog we always wanted!

Off Leash trained our 3 year old Doberman mix. He is a good boy, but, he suffered from activation by strange dogs and sometimes people. Not aggression just crazed to see and play. He was resistant to other training methods at home. Just too strong willed, energetic and intelligent.

They did a wonderful job with our Louie. He responds well to commands from my wife and I, and this has begun to translate to our children who are working with him.

This training WILL change your dog, for the better. You need to work at it. Reinforce it. Keep at it. Your dog will test you. They will try and convince you that they won’t listen. They will. Stick with it.

They do use e-collars. This provides a mild electric current. It is localized on the collar. It is not painful. Annoying, perhaps uncomfortable, but not painful. I put it on my own next and buzzed myself. It will get your attention. It doesn’t feel good.
Other training methods might work for puppies and very pliable dogs. Dogs that have established habits and behaviors and are strong-willed are unlikely to respond to other methods and those will take months. This takes a few weeks.
We have the dog we always wanted now. Playful, exuberant, friendly but obedient and controllable.


John B.  // Verified Google Review

experience was amazing

I had a great experience with Off Leash K9 Training in Des Moines. Everything during this experience was amazing. From the daily photos, reports, videos throughout the 3 week training that my dog had. When I picked her up the training I received was awesome and good tips to help teach my dog. I highly highly recommend this place. Everything about it felt safe. Thank you thank you!


Cody C.   // Verified Google Review

very positive experience!

We had an amazing experience with Off Leash K9 Training! All of the staff members that I talked to communicated very promptly and answered all of my questions. They asked about our specific concerns, and made sure to address them during training. Before training, our dog struggled to follow our general commands and going on walks. He was very easily distracted. Now going on walks is so much more enjoyable, and we can take him to more fun places! We appreciated the daily communication, pictures, and videos of our dog. It eased our nerves while he was away. Off Leash K9 gave us a very positive experience. I can’t recommend them enough!


Ben D.  // Verified Google Review

pproven results!

We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Off Leash K9 Training Des Moines. After 3 weeks of training with Michael, Ozzie’s anxiety issues are practically non-existent and his confidence and behavior around others and in public settings is amazing! We appreciate their patience and commitment to Ozzie and his success as well as the daily progress reports he provided along with photos and video. He was in communication with us every step of the way and was quick to respond with any questions/concerns that we may have had. Overall a very positive experience with proven results!


Jeff E.  // Verified Google Review

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