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We could not be more pleased with Anna and OLK9 training!

We could not be more pleased with Anna and OLK9 training! Our dog Max had become aggressive and we were struggling with people coming into our home, doorbell manners, going anywhere out of our home with Max, and Max pulling on the leash when trying to take a walk. After the Advanced Aggression training sessions with Anna, we are able to go places with Max (including places like Pet Smart), go on walks without getting our shoulders dislocated, the doorbell is a non-issue now, and we are not afraid when people come to our home. Max is a completely different dog now and we so appreciate Anna and her patience and expertise!

Michele A.  // Verified Google+ Review

definitely worth every penny

Liz was amazing. Right from the start I loved how well my puppy took to her and how she interacted with him. Throughout the process she sent daily updates on how my pup was progressing, both pics and video. It made me feel like a part of the process. Once he was finished, she helped me learn how to continue his training. Now, my dog listens extremely well and has a baseline I can always come back to if he starts to slide back due to my own lack of follow through. Her two week board and train was definitely worth every penny and I would highly recommend using her to train your dog or puppy.

Chris L.  // Verified Facebook Review

I am completely satisfied with K9 off leash.

They are very professional to deal with, teach you how to continue to enforce the lessons they teach your dog, and have a true passion for working with the animals. We rescued our dog who was abused from the animal society. The dog immediately took to my girlfriend and I, but had trouble socializing with family members and actually bit a few of them. It caused both my Gf and myself a great amount of stress and we were desperate. If it weren’t for K9 and their lessons for both us and our pup we may have not gotten to keep him. I will forever be thankful for their services because we know have a wonderful (sometimes quirky) little boy who shows us unconditional love.

Andrew R.   // Verified Google Review

THEY HAVE great trainerS.

Our trainer takes time to teach my wife and I how to get the most out of our training. Off leash is the way to go. After only 2 session our dog Zumo is doing great. The price for training which includes the device is very reasonable. This is in my opinion the only way to go when training.

Patrick S.  // Verified Facebook Review

Worth Every Penny!

Lola has learned so much in a short span of time! Wonderful trainers and program!!

Kristen V.  // Verified Facebook Review

All I can say is "WOW"!!

Only went for meet and greet so far. I really liked the trainer I met. She was gracious enough to give us a few pointers for our puppy (who is to young). before we commit to classes. I really like the program they offer and the guarantee. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Laura B.   // Verified Google Review

I would highly recommend Off Leash K9 training!!!

The trainers are amazing trainers & animal lovers. This board & train program is so different than the typical programs offered. Henry, my 5 month old GRT lived with the trainer in his home 24/7 for two weeks incorporating training into his everyday activities. Today is Henry’s 2nd birthday and his training has been 100% solid!!! At one point, I was confused about some of my cues. I called the trainer and he met with me immediately to review. Instantly, Henry & I were back on track. When they tell you ongoing support they mean it! Periodically we go back just to say hello and Henry is thrilled every time he sees the trainer. I often send the trainer pictures of Henry enjoying a day off leash hiking or in the water with the message “We live in a condo but thanks to you Henry doesn’t know it!” Off Leash K9 training is the best!

Jill W.  // Verified Google Review

The asking price is worth every penny if not more!

To say I was amazed would simply be an understatement. This team is tremendous at what they do and the results show. Our dog, Maximus, was an absolute embarrassment to take on walks and had some aggression issues with strangers; after just a handful of days, we could see an incredible change in the videos we were watching and once finishing the two weeks was 100% a different dog for the better. The trainers that worked with Max were fantastic, their passion to help these animals was evident every step along the way and they show it by giving follow up lessons; they truly stand behind the service being provided. I would highly recommend their services to anyone with a dog in need of obedience training.

Connor P.   // Verified Facebook Review

The Best Decision We Made!

The best decision that we could have made with training our dog. It’s well worth it!! The dog is better in every aspect because of the training. We enjoy our girl so much more!! Don’t wait, do it!!

Jamie W.  // Verified Elite Yelp Reviewer

Life Today Is So Sweet!

We knew going into working with ouur trainer that our sweet pup Marker would emerge a well behaved family pet. But throughout the entire process, The trainer included us in every step of the way. Pictures of Marker’s progress, videos of him. We felt like even though we did the board and train program and missed having Marker at home for two weeks, we were still there. We loved being part of the Off Leash family and life with Marker today is so so sweet! THANK YOU!
Stephanie H.   // Verified Signpost Review

I can't believe the difference in Izzy!

She was always into things and making a mess and had to be crated unless we could have 2 eyes on her at all times. After the 2 week board and train program with the trainer, she is a well behaved part of our family! You can really tell how much the trainers care for your dogs. I truly think Izzy missed the trainer when she came home. I would recommend Off Leash K9 Training to everyone.
Sarah H.  // Verified Facebook Review

This program is worth every penny!

Thank you for the great training that you gave our Kramer during the two weeks board and train program! Most importantly was the love and care you showed him! We are so proud of our sweet Kramer and we are so impressed with everything he has learned!
Von Marie B.  // Verified Yelp Review

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